Which skip size do I need?

Skips come in various sizes depending on your needs. Choosing which skip to hire is important. Mini skips cost less but their capacity is less, so if you fill it up and still have rubbish left over, you’ll need to hire two mini skips. However, larger skips like the 3yrd skips or 5yrd skips are cheaper per cubic yard but are only cost effective if you fill them up. You can use the information below as a guide to work out the best skip hire size you require.

2yrd Mini Skips

Our smallest skip - called a mini skip - is a 2yrd skip, which has a capacity of 2 cubic yards (or 1.5 cubic metres). This mini skip is an ideal size for garden or household waste and is the perfect mini skip hire for autumn garden clearances.

How much can a 2yrd mini skip hold?

2yrd skip hire

Our 2yrd skips are 6'9" long x 4'8" wide x 2'4" high and hold the equivalent to 25 - 35 black bin bags. 

3yrd Mini Skips

The next skip size up is the 3yrd skip, also called a mini skip. These mini skips have a capacity of 3 cubic yards (or 2.3 cubic metres). This is slightly bigger than the 2yrd mini skip and is an ideal skip hire size ideal for most domestic purposes and small commercial building projects such as bathroom refurbishments or garden clearances, e.g. clearing garden patios or walls. (Visit our patio paving supplies if you need new patio or paving slabs).

How much can a 3yrd mini skip hold?

3yrd mini skip hire

Our 3yrd mini skips are 8'6" long x 4'10" wide x 2'5" high and hold the equivalent to 35 - 45 black bin bags. 

5yrd Midi Skip

The largest skips to hire is our 5yrd skip, usually called a midi skip. The midi skips have a capacity of 5 cubic yards (or 3.8 cubic metres). These large skips are for lightweight goods only, so are ideal for green garden waste if clearing a garden or general waste if renovating bathrooms, kitchens and the like, but they are not suitable for soil, rubble or concrete. This is due to the maximum weight that can be lifted by the skip lorries, which is 3.5 tonnes.  The 5yrd skip is an ideal large skip hire for waste projects and medium commercial building projects with a maximum of 3.5 tonnes of waste.

How much can a 5yrd midi skip hold?

5yrd midi skip hire

A 5yrd skip can hold a substantial amount of waste, and is big enough for most domestic jobs, as well as many small commercial jobs. Our 5yrd skips are 9'6" long x 4'10" wide x 4'6" high and hold the equivalent to 55 - 65 black bin bags. 

What’s the difference between mini skips and midi skips?

The difference between these skips is their size.  A 2yrd skip, or mini skip, can hold 2 cubic yards (or 1.5 cubic metres), a 3yrd skip, also called a mini skip, can hold 3 cubic yards (or 2.3 cubic metres) whereas the biggest skip you can hire is our 5yrd skip, called the midi skip, that has the capacity of 5 cubic yards (or 3.8 cubic metres).

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