What NOT to put in our skips

Although there is an extensive list of materials and waste items you can put in a skip, there's a small number of waste items you can't put in a skip as they need to be disposed of in a certain way. For instance you cannot put hazardous or harmful items into a skip and these include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Fridges or freezers
  • Batteries (including car batteries)
  • Paint tins (containing paint)
  • Clinical waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Liquid waste (including oil & paint)
  • Uncooked meat products
  • TVs & monitors
  • Corrosives or irritants

In the event of us discovering any of the above items when we collect the skip, we will unfortunately have to return the item(s) to you for which a charge will be made.

Chargeable Items

Waste Domestic Upholstered Seating Containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Please be advised that due to P.O.P.S. the following UPHOLSTERED items are chargeable at £60.00 ea + VAT

  • Sofas
  • Sofa beds
  • Armchairs

Please be advised that due to P.O.P.S. the following UPHOLSTERED items are chargeable at £30.00 ea + VAT

  • Kitchen & dining chairs
  • Stools & foot stools
  • Office chairs
  • Futons
  • Bean bags
  • Cushions
  • Mattresses

For more information on POPs, please click here

How to dispose of waste items you can't put in a skip

As mentioned, there are some waste items that can't be put in a skip and need to be disposed of in a certain way, for safety reasons.

How to dispose of car batteries

Car batteries are currently not counted as household waste so cannot be put in landfill without going through extensive specialist cleaning. Therefore, you can either take the car batteries to the hazardous waste section at your local recycling centre or some garages and scrap metal merchants may also take them.

Fluorescent tube disposal

Fluorescent tubes contain small levels of mercury which, if the tube is broken, release toxic vapours into the environment. Therefore it is essential that fluorescent tubes are disposed of carefully and safely at a licensed hazardous waste centre. Contact your local council for advice on this first. If the tube breaks before you get it to the hazardous waste section at your local recycling centre, carefully pack it in newspaper or bubble wrap (wearing protective gloves and face mask).

How to dispose of fridges and freezers

Fridges and freezers contain dangerous chemicals and gases that are harmful to both the environment and humans. The ozone-depleting substances contained in these appliances must be removed by specialists before they are recycled. Please contact your local council or recycling centre for their specific procedure for disposing of fridges and freezers. Be aware that anyone found not properly disposing of these items can be prosecuted and fined a substantial amount of money.

Why can't you put tyres in a skip?

Tyres can be harmful to the environment if not recycled or disposed of correctly.  If you have waste tyres first ask your local recycling centre or tyre supplier if they will have them. Alternatively a local boatyard or go-kart track may want them as they can use them as buffers. Wherever you take your old tyres please make sure the recipients are professional and reputable and will not fly-tip them!

How to dispose of TVs

Televisions contain toxic chemicals (as with fridges, freezers and fluorescent tube), including lead and mercury so can only be disposed of by licensed hazardous waste recycling centres. Therefore they cannot be put in to landfill as they are very damaging to the environment. Contact your local council for your nearest licensed hazardous waste recycling centre.


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